At Ghost River, precision is king and consistency is queen. Because we’re proud of our beers. And you should know what you're getting every time that tap handle is pulled or a top is popped: A beer that works as hard as you do, brewed by people who know and respect the process. Brewing beer is part science, part art, and all passion. That’s why we use the freshest ingredients we can and the best equipment available. They say you only get out what you put in. So we put in our best.

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We set out to brew a Session IPA with lower alcohol so one could enjoy several without getting into too much trouble, however, we had a surprisingly efficient day in the brewery and ended up with about 5.75% alcohol after fermentation was complete. So instead of a Session IPA, we have an Imperial Session IPA, which left us wondering where’s the sesh? Brewed using pale malt with a touch of Munich malt for a soft malty backbone and hopped with Jaryllo, Chinook, and Cluster hops, the only thing this beer will leave you wondering is where can I find more? OG 1.050 / IBU 38


This American-style Brown Ale was brewed to pair with a dish for the A Taste of the Delta dinner recently presented at the James Beard House in NYC. Being a Delta themed menu, it only seemed sensible to use some Delta sourced ingredients. To that end, we added flaked sweet corn as well as sorghum molasses to provide some MS Delta inspiration. Brewed with a base of pale malt backed up with a touch of roasted and chocolate malts to provide dark roasty notes which complement a wide array of smoked and grilled meats, especially the smoked pork belly we paired it with for the dinner. This beer has a mild hop characteristic from Glacier hops which provide a counterpoint to the malty flavors and help keep the beer balanced. OG 1.057 / IBU 35