Independently owned and operated, Ghost River Brewing has made good beer for the good people of Memphis since 2007. Our ales are as much at home in a bar as they are on a riverbank. At a tailgate or around a campfire. Front porch or back nine. In short, our beers are made to wander.

Our geography gives. We give back.

Breweries in Memphis are blessed with access to the best water on earth. The Memphis Sand Aquifer is purified naturally through 850 feet of fine sand and natural quartz. That’s why every brewery in Memphis uses it. And that’s why we give back to this natural resource that gives us so much. Ghost River is proud to give $1 of every barrel brewed to the Wolf River Conservancy. This humble donation helps conserve the Wolf River watershed, recharge our aquifer, and keep the best water in the world flowing.

Where is the Ghost?

The Ghost River is a section of our beloved Wolf River. Fifty miles east of Memphis, the river expands into a broad, still opening. But the water beneath tells a different story. While calm on the surface, a deep channel cuts through the riverbed below, creating a hidden current. This unassuming yet powerful body of water is the Ghost River. It provides water for our aquifer, recreation for our families, and the name on our bottles.