Frequently Asked Keg Questions

How much beer do I need for my event?
A 5 gallon keg has 55 twelve ounce servings.
A full size keg has 165 twelve ounce servings.

We don't recommend full size kegs for your party unless you are expecting over 75 very thirsty friends.

What are my tap options?
(1) Hand Pump:
Good to use if you expect to go through all the beer in one day. Introduces air into your beer, which means you want to finish it in one day. Can cause excessive foaming if not used properly.

(2) CO2 Tap:
Dispenses beer flawlessly by displacing the beer with inert gas. Easy to use. If set up properly you can dispense your beer with no foaming. If you don't drink all your beer today, keep it cold and it will be just as good tomorrow. The cylinder costs $10, but you will probably save that in lost beer.

Do I have to pay a deposit?
We do require deposits on any of our equipment you use. This includes, kegs, taps, and tubs. Required deposits are equal to the value of the equipment. We take deposits up-front and we accept card only. Your deposit will be returned when the equipment is returned intact.

Keg Deposit: 5 gal- $135  15 gal- $165
Hand Pump Deposit: $50
CO2 Tap Deposit: $100
Bucket Deposit: $25

Can I buy cups?
Yes, we have cups available for purchase.

I'm ready — how do I place my keg order?
Just head to the Dock Sales page. In order to ensure availability, place your keg order as far in advance as possible. We recommend at least one week ahead of time.